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Wan Guobin
2013-04-16 14:57   审核人:


General Information

Name:Wan Guobin


Discipline:Electronic Science and Technique

Phone:0086 - 13772483848

Research Interests

  1. Computational Electromagnetics
  2. Design Theory of Radome Enclosed Antennas
  3. EM Scattering
  4. EM Theory of DNG and PBG materials
  5. Antennas, Finite Arrays and FSS



BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1989

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1992

PhD, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2000

Academic Visitor, the University of Nottingham, UK, 2008


Selected Publications

  1. Wan Guobin, Yang Qingxiang, Wan Wei. (2007). Studies on transmission characteristics of multilayer radome walls including DNG materials. Chinese Journal of Radio Science, 22, 381-384.
  2. Liu Chong, Wan Guobin,Wan Wei.(2007).Mutual coupling effect and its correction in DOA estimation of slotted antenna array.Modern Radar, 29(6), 68-69, 79.
  3. Wan Guobin, Zhang Hongxia, Wan Wei. (2008). Equivalent plane wave technique for RCS computation of radome enclosed antennas. Chinese Journal of Radio Science, 23, 417-421.
  4. Wan Guobin, Shen Jin, Wan Wei. (2008). Simulation and experimental studies on cavity backed microstrip antennas with DNG substrates. Chinese Journal of Radio Science, 23, 689-693.
  5. Wan Guobin, Li Jin, Wan Wei. (2008). Effects of DNG materials on transmission characteristics of multilayer radome walls. Journal of Microwaves. 24(4), 1-4.
  6. Shen Jing,Wan Guobin, Wang Zhenyu. (2008). Validity and comparison of two electromagnetic parameter retrieval methods for double negative media. Computer Simulation. 25(5), 329-333.
  7. Lin Jie, Wan Guobin, Wan Wei. (2008). Radiation characteristics analysis of periodic leaky-wave antennas with double-layer substrates. Modern Radar, 30(5), 96-98.
  8. Ma Fengjun, Wan Guobin, Shen Jing. (2008). Performance improvement of microstrip antenna using double negative media. Computer Aided Engineering, 17(2), 17-20.
  9. Huiling Zhao, Guobin Wan, and Wei Wan. (2009). Absorbing properties of frequency selective surface absorbers on a lossy dielectric slab. PIERS 2009 Proceedings, 170-173.
  10. Yuchen Zhao, Guobin Wan, Huiling Zhao, and Wenquan Zheng. (2009).Effects of superstrate with improved SSRRs on the radiation of microstrip antenna. IEEE Inter. Symp. on MAPE, 55-58.
  11. Zhang Hu, Guobin Wan, Changjie Sun and Huiling Zhao. (2009). Design of modified Sierpinski fractal antenna for multiband application. IEEE Inter. Symp. on MAPE,675-678.
  12. Huiling Zhao, Dan Jiang, Yajian Wu, Guobin Wan. (2009). Optimization schemes for scattering of periodic structures. IEEE Inter. Symp. on MAPE, 827-830.
  13. Wenquan Zheng, Guobin Wan, Changjie Sun, Yuchen Zhao. (2009). Analyses of the effects of slots loading on the microstrip patch for dual-frequency operation. IEEE Inter. Symp. on MAPE,837-840.



  1. Award of Science and Technology Advancement of Ministry of Aeronautic Industries, 1996, 1997
  2. Award of Science and Technology Advancement of Shaanxi Province, 1998, 2006
  3. Model Teacher Award of NPU, 2004



  1. Senior Member, Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE)
  2. Committeeman, Shaanxi Branch of Chinese Institute of Computational Physics
  3. Committeeman, EMC Committee of Shaanxi Electronics Association


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