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Li Hui
2013-04-16 14:52   审核人:

General Information

Name:Li Hui


Discipline:Circuit and Systems


Research Interests

1. Radar target tracking and recognition

2. Communication Signal Processing

3. Integrated Avionics System Simulation

4. Multi-Sensor Information Fusion Theory


BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1991

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1996

PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2006

Selected Publications

1. Li Hui、Wang Jue、Yu Hong Mei, Power iterative approximation subspace tracking algorithm in the  application of multi-user research,Acta Electronica Sinica, 20073512):2363-2366EI080411058647

2. Li Hui、Zhang  An、Zhao Min、Xu Qi,Particle swarm optimization algorithm in FIR digital filter design,Acta Electronica Sinica,2005,33(7):1338-1341,EI:05399387102

3. Li Hui、Zhang  An、Zhao Min,Data based on two multi-correlation algorithm for maneuvering target tracking,Acta Electronica Sinica,2005,33(12):2125-2129,EI:06109748071

4. Li Hui、Cheng Cheng、Zhang An、Shen Ying,Adaptive multi-sensor track fusion algorithm based on the feedback structure,Chinese Journal of Computers,2006,29(12):2232-2237,EI:070610415143

5. Li Hui、Zhang  An、Zhao Min、Shen Ying,Two-type data association algorithm for target tracking in a multi-application,Acta Armamentarii,2007,28(5):633-637,EI: 072710692225

6. Li Hui、Zhang  An、Shen Ying,Based on neural network multi-maneuvering target tracking algorithm,Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University,2006,24(5):552-557,EI:070310361901

7. LiHui、ZhangAn,A Study of Soft Handoff in the CDMA System,6th international Symposium on Test and Measurement,2005,Dalian,8:7827-7830,SCI:ISI 000232030707227

8.LiHui 、ZhangAn 、Cheng Cheng ,Asynchronous Track-to-Track Fusion Algorithms for Distributed Multi-sensor System,Computational Engineering in Systems Applications,2006,Beijing,2:1650-1653,SCI:ISI 000244084601095

9. Hui Li、Hongmei Yu、Wei Zeng ,A New Approach to Blind Multiuser Detection Based on Affine Projection Algorithm 2007 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing,2007,ShangHai,China,Volume 1:830-833,EI:080311027366

10. Li Hui、Duan Hangyu, MIMO-STBC-carrier resource allocation algorithm, Journal of System Simulation,2007,19(18):4345-4347,4352,EI:074210875911

11. Li Hui、Yu Hongmei、Zeng Wei、Liu Yuzhou, Based on Subspace Tracking Algorithm for Blind Multiuser Detection, Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University,2007,25(5):677-680,EI:074910962657

12. Li Hui、Shen Ying, Zhang An、Cheng Cheng, Maneuvering target tracking in a new adaptive filtering algorithm,Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University,2006,24(3):354-357,EI:063710111369

13. Li Hui、Xu Qi、Zhang An,Minimum energy criterion based on the adaptive algorithm step size,Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University,2005,23(5):615-617,EI:06029637349

14. Li Hui、Yu Hongmei、Guo Li, An improved subspace blind multiuser detection systems, Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University,2008,26(1):53-56,EI:081511195866

15. Li Hui、Zhang An、Xu Qi,Multipath fading channel,in a new multi-user detection algorithm, Chia Journal of Sensors and Actuators,2006,19(1):238-240,EI:06209873821

16. Li Hui、Zhang An、Xu Qi,Continuous wavelet transform in the sensor fault diagnosis, Chia Journal of Sensors and Actuators,2005,18(4):777-781,EI:05529613721

17.Hui Li、Zhigang Chen、Hongmei Yu,Blind Adaptive Kalman Filter-Based Multiuser Detector in Multipath CDMA Channels

2007 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing,2007,ShangHai,China,Volume 1:858-861,EI:080311027373

18.  LiHui、ZhangAn、ShenYing ,A Study of Image Smoothing, Sharpening and Realizing,6th International Symposium on Test and Measurement,2005,Dalian,7:6036-6037,SCI:ISI 000232030706011


1. Northwestern Polytechnical University teacher soar

2. Baosteel Education Fund Award for outstanding teachers

3. Most satisfied with the undergraduate teaching teachers in Northwestern Polytechnical Universityt


1. Senior Member, Firepower and command control study

2. Member, China Institute of System Simulation

3. Editorial Board, Ningxia Electric Power

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