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Zhang Yi
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Professor Introduction

Zhang Yi, Professor ,Doctoral Tutor and Doctor of Engineering, is a senior member of China Institute of Communications(CIC) as well as a member of China Institute of Electronics and China Aviation Society .She has long been engaged in teaching and research work in communication and information system, Successively give undergraduates’ lectures, "Senior DSP Principle and Application", "Multimedia Communication Protocol and Application" and graduate students’ course of "High Speed Signal Processing Principle and Application", "Multimedia Communication System", officially published two works and many teaching articles, has repeatedly won the second prize of College Ideological and political studies;

Scientific Research: she has been engaged in satellite navigation and positioning and wireless communication technology, and mainly involved in a number of national key projects of the research, undertake research projects of National Natural Science Foundation, the innovation fund, etc., have basic research deep in the multidisciplinary integration technology and navigation positioning algorithm, won the provincial science and Technology Progress Award six times and other sixteen awards. In 2012 August she won the second prize at the national graduate electronic design finals and the outstanding teacher award. She has published more than 80 articles, of which 25 papers collected by SCI and EI.

Main Research Direction: satellite navigation and positioning technology; multimedia communication and video and audio signal processing; wireless communication and software radio technology; communication technology, electronic and intelligent control; information network and information processing.

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