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Guo Chenjiang
2013-04-16 14:59   审核人:

General Information

Name:Guo Chenjiang


Discipline:Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Techniques




Research Interests

  1. Antennas and Radome
  2. Microwave Circuits
  3. Electromagnetic Scattering
  4. Electromagnetic Environment
  5. Radar



BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1984

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1987

PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2007


Selected Publications

  1. Guo Chenjiang, Wang Xiaoping, Ding Jun. FDTD Analysis of Mutual Coupling in Microstrip Array Antennas. Journal of System Simulation(China),2009.3
  2. Guo Chenjiang, Niu Pu . Parameter Design of Cylindrical Invisible Cloak Applied Nonlinear Transformation. 2008 International Workshop on Metamaterials,Nov 9-12 2008 Nanjing,China
  3. Guo Chenjiang, Ding Jun, Xu Jiadong, WeiGao. Research on Airborne Short Wave Antenna. Journal of Microwaves (China), 2004.9
  4. Guo Chenjiang  Ding Jun  Xu Jiadong. A 8mm waveguide slot array with special beam.  Chinese Journal of Radio Science. 2004.4
  5. Guo Chen-jiang Zhang Feng Ding Jun Xu Jia-dong. Array synthesis using cyclicdifference sets and simulated annealing. Chinese Journal of Radio Science. 2007.6
  6. Guo Chenjiang; Shi Min; Ding Jun; Xu Jia-dong. Research on Smart Antenna Mobile Terminal of TD-SCDMA. Wireless Communication Technology,2005.4
  7. Guo Chenjiang, Ding Jun, Shi Min, Xu Jiadong. A new numerical algorithm for pattern synthesis of array. Chinese Journal of Radio Science. 2003.1
  8. Liu Yan, Guo Chenjiang, Ding Jun, Xu Jiadong. Pattern Reconfigurable Array Antenna with Phase-only Method. Modern Radar, 2008.7
  9. Yang Fang, Guo Chenjiang, Xu Jiadong, Ding Youjun, Xie Chunjian, Array of curl antennas excited by helix wires. International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology, 2007. ICMMT '07.
  10. Yang Fang, Guo Chen-Jiang, Xu Jiadong, Xie Chunjian, Ding Youjun. Backfire/Endfire conical beam properties of conical spiral antennas with arbitrary configurations. International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology, 2007. ICMMT '07
  11. Zhang Feng; Guo Chenjiang; Ding Jun, Application of Simulated Annealing to Array Antenna Synthesis, Modern Radar(China),2008.3
  12. Lisha Zhang, Chenjiang Guo, Jun Ding. Simulations and Analysis with FDTD Method for Aperture Coupling Preperties in Shielding Cavity. 4TH IEEE Conference on Industrail Electronics and Applications. 2009.3



  1. Award for Science and Technology Advancement of Ministry of Aeronautic Industries,1995,2003
  2. Award for Science and Technology Advancement of Shaanxi Province,1995, 2003
  3. “Aoxiang” Elite Teacher of NPU, 2007



  1. Senior Member, Chinese Institute of Electronics
  2. Fellow, Chinese Institute of Antennas
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