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Ma Jiancang
2013-04-16 14:56   审核人:

General Information

Name:Ma Jiancang

Title :Professor

Discipline:Information and Communication Engineering



Research Interests

  1. Signal and Information Processing, Wavelet Theory and Application, Blind Signal Processing and Application and so on.
  2. Theory and Method of Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis, Monitoring and Diagnoses of the Aeroplane, Development of Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System, Network-Based Automated Testing Technology, Sensor Testing Technology and so on.
  3. Wireless Sensor Network Application, Bluetooth Technical Application.
  4. MEMS Gyro Noise Reduction, SINS, Integrated Navigation.
  5. Development and Application of DSP, FPGA, SOC, Integrated Sensor and So On.



BSc, Xi’An University of Technology, 1981

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1986


Selected Publications

  1. Ma Jiancang, Niu Yilong, Chen Haiyang. Blind Signal Processing[M]. Beijing: National Defense Industry Press, 2006. (in Chinese)
  2. Ma Jiancang etc. Bluetooth Core Technology and Application[M]. Beijing: Science Press, 2003, (in Chinese).
  3. Ma Jiancang etc. Blind Source Separation Algorithm Based on Maximum Signal Noise Ratio, 1st International Conference on Intelligent Networks and Intelligent Systems Nov.1-3, 2008, Wuhan, China
  4. Ma Jiancang etc. Blind source separation about chaotic vibration signals [J] Computer Simulation, 2009(4) (in Chinese).
  5. Ma Jiancang etc. Aero-engine rotor vibration signals separation test technology [J] Journal of Vibration; Measurement & Diagnosis 2009(1) (in Chinese)
  6. Ma Jiancang est. Detection of Chaotic Vibration Signal of Aero-engine with Blind            Separation [J] , Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica, 2009(1) (in Chinese)
  7. Ma Jiancang est. Study on blind source separation of aero-engine vibration signals[J],    Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology, 2008(12) (in Chinese).
  8. Ma Jiancang est. Blind Source Separation of the Turbojet engine noise source[J], Computer Simulation, 2008(12) (in Chinese).
  9. Ma Jiancang etc. Blind Separation of one type aero-engine rotor vibration signals[J],     Machinery Design & Manufacture, 2008(10) (in Chinese).
  10. Ma Jiancang etc. Blind Separation of nonlinear chaotic mechanical vibration signals [J],        Noise and Vibration Control, 2008(6) (in Chinese).
  11. Ma Jiancang etc. Study on Blind Source Separation of Mechanical Vibration Signal[J],        Measurement & Control Technology, 2008(5) (in Chinese).
  12. Ma Jiancang etc. Application of Wavelet Neural Network Fuzzy Recognition to Fault    Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery[J], Mechanical Science and Technology, 1999(3), (in   Chinese).
  13. Ma Jiancang etc. Application of Wavelet Packets Theory to Impulse Fault Diagnose of Rotating Machinery [J], Mechanical Science and Technology, 1998(2) (in Chinese)
  14. Ma Jiancang etc. Envelope Analysis Method Based on Wavelet Transform[J], Journal of       Northwestern Polytechnic University, 1997 (2),(in Chinese)
  15. Ma Jiancang etc. Spectrum Zoom Analysis Method Based on Wavelet Transform[J],      Signal Processing , 1997(3) (in Chinese)
  16. Ma Jiancang etc. Data Fusion Fault Diagnosis Based on Wavelet Trans form and ANN[J],    China Mechanical Engineering, 1997(2). (in Chinese)
  17. Ma Jiancang etc. Envelope Analysis Method Based on Wavelet Transform and the application in Fault Diagnosis[J], Mechanical Science and Technology, 1996(4), P585-    P588. (in Chinese).
  18. Ma Jiancang etc. Data fusion fault diagnosis based on wavelet transform and neural      network,International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management ,1997(2).



  1. Third Class Diploma, Progress in Science and Techniques, Sichuan Province, in 1993.
  2. Third Class Diploma, Aviation Progress in Science and Techniques, in 1997.
  3. Second Class Diploma, Progress in Science and Techniques, Education Commission of Shaanxi Province, in 1998.
  4. Forth Class Diploma, Progress in Science and Techniques, Xi’an in 1998.
  5. Second Class Diploma of Teaching awards, Education Commission of Shaanxi Province, in 2001.



  1. Member, Signal Processing Society of Shaanxi Province.
  2. Member, Chinese Society For Vibration Engineering.
  3. Member, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.
  4. Member, Chinese Society of Stereology.


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