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General Information

Name:FENG Yan


Discipline:Signal and Information Processing

Phone:0086 - 13572181263


Research Interests

  1. Image Processing
  2. Remote Sensing Image Compression, Classification and Recognition
  3. Target Detection and Tracking
  4. Video Compression
  5. Noise Cancellation
  6. Signal Processing Based on Wireless Sensor Networks



BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1984

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1989

PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2007


Selected Publications

  1. Yan FENG, Jiakai LV, Meng JIA, Jiang WEI. Image Coding Using Mixed Contourlet and Wavelet Transform. Journal of Electronics and Information , 2009, 31(6).
  2. Yan FENG, Jiakai LV, Jinshan SU. Feature Preserving Compression for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images. The 4th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA2009), 2009: 3843-3847.
  3. Xiangtao WANG, Yan FENG. New Method Based on Support Vector Machine in Classification for Hyperspectral Data. 2008 International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Design, 2008:76-80.
  4. Wei LV, Yan FENG. The Motion contour-based Target Detection and Tracking. The 5th International Conference on Visual Information Engineering, 2008:684-689.
  5. Yan CHANG, Yan FENG. An Algorithm for Acoustic Objective Identification in Battlefield with Multi-Source Information Fusion. Computer Simulation, 2008, (10): 1-4.
  6. Lie ZHANG, Yan FENG, Lunbin ZHOU. Application of Wavelet Denoising Technology Based on LabWindows/CVI in Vibration Signal Testing. Measurement & Control Technology, 2008, 27(5): 94-97.
  7. Xin LI, Yan FENG, Yong FENG. Design and Implementation of Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation Headset Based on FPGA. Audio Engineering, 2008, 32(4):72-75.
  8. Yan FENG, Mingyi HE, Jianghong SONG, Jiang WEI. ICA- based Dimensionality Reduction and Compression of Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing Images. Journal of Electronics and Information, 2007, 29(12):2871-2875.
  9. Yu CHENG, Yan FENG. H.264 Code Rate Control Algorithm based on Prediction Stimulation and Time-space Related. Electronic Measurement Technology, 2007, 30(12):104-108.
  10. Xicheng LUI, Yan FENG. An Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Detection of Impulse Noise. Computer Simulation, 2007,24(2):187-190.
  11. Wei LI, Yan FENG. Compression of regions of interest in JPEG2000-based multispectral remote-sensing images. Electronic Measurement Technology, 2007, 30(9):37-40.
  12. Yan FENG, Mingyi HE, Jianghong SONG, Jiang WEI. ICA-based Neural Network Approach to Classification of Hyper-spectral Images. Proceedings of 2006 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2006: 835-839.
  13. Xiaochun ZOU, Yan FENG, Xinbo ZHAO. A Fast Block-matching Motion Estimation Algorithm. Journal of Image and Graphics, 2006, 11(7):938-942. 
  14. Jianghong SONG, Yan FENG. Hyper-spectral Data Classification by Independent Component Analysis and Neural Network. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2006, 21(2):115-119.
  15. Linfeng WU, Yan FENG. Compression of Hyper-spectral Imagery Based on JPEG2000 and Adaptive Prediction. Computer Simulation, 2006, 23(2):168-170.




  1. The award of  national  defense  science and technology progress prize of China (2006).
  2. The award of shaanxi provincial high-education science and technology progress prize of China(2006)
  3. The award of shaanxi provincialscience and technology progress prize of China(2003).



  1. Member, Space Remote Sensing Committee of Chinese Society of Astronautics.
  2. Member, Signal and Information Processing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Electronics Institute in China.
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