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Ding Jun
2013-04-16 15:00   审核人:

General Information

Name:Ding Jun


Discipline:Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Techniques




Research Interests

  1. Antennas and Radome
  2. Electromagnetic Scattering
  3. Electromagnetic Environment
  4. Radar



BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1986

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1989

PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2006


Selected Publications

  1. Ding Jun, Wang Jun, Guo Chenjiang, Xu Jiadong, An Improved Fast Method of Mainlobe Shaping foe Arbitray Arrays. Journal of Microwaves (China), 2005.12
  2. Ding Jun, Wang Xugang, et al. Scattering properties calculation and analysis of planar slotted waveguide array .Chinese Journal of Radio Science, 200.6.
  3. Ding Jun; Cheng Chunxia; Guo Chen-jiang. A Method for Reducing RCS of Microstrip Antenna. Computer Simulation, 2008.9
  4. Ding Jun; Sun Min; Guo Chen-jiang. Analysis of Coupling Coefficient of Airborne Antennas. Aeronautical Computing Technique, 2007.6
  5. Ding Jun; Yu Ming; Guo Chenjiang. Application of Wavelet in FDTD.       Journal of System Simulation, 2007.17
  6. Ding Jun; Yu Ming; Guo Chenjiang, Xu jiadong. Fast Algorithm of Antenna Far Field in FDTD.Journal of System Simulation. 2007.14
  7. Ding Jun; XU Teng. New Method for Estimating Two-dimensional Direction of Arrival Based on Three-dimensional Array Structure. Aeronautical Computing Technique, 2007.3
  8. Ding Jun; WANG Xiaoping; Chen Zhiliang. Design and Research of Dual-band Antennas. Journal of Projectiles,Rockets,Missiles and Guidance,2007.1
  9. Ding Jun, Zhang Yong, Yuan Guojing. Design and fabricating of GSM broadband dual-frequency exterior helix antennas. Chinese Journal of Radio Science,2006.2
  10. DING Jun WANG Jun GUO Chen-jiang XU Jia-dong. An Improved Fast Method of Mainlobe Shaping for Arbitrary Arrays. Journal of Microwares, 2005.6
  11. Ding Qian, Ding Jun, Guo Chen-Jiang and Shi Lei. On Characteristics of a Plasma Column Antenna. International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology, 2008. ICMMT 2008.2.


  1. Award for Science and Technology Advancement of Ministry of Aeronautic Industries, 2003
  2. Award for Science and Technology Advancement of Shaanxi Province, 2003




1. Senior Member, Chinese Institute of Electronics

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