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Huang Dengshan
2013-04-16 15:05   审核人:
Name:Huang Dengshan

Title :Professor

Discipline:Communication and Information System




Research Interests

  1. Communication Signal Processing
  2. Image Processing



BSc, Xidian University, 1983

MSc, Xidian University, 1985


Selected Publications

  1. Huang Dengshan. Wang Dajun and Zhangjie. Common Matrix Form for Spectral Estimation and A New Derived method.International Conference on Advanced Infocomm Technology 2009;
  2. Huang Dengshan,Yoichi Fujii.Flat Pass Binomial Optical Ring-Loaded Cascaded M-Z Optical Filter.1995 International Laser,Lightwave and Microwave Coference,1995,10,Shanghai. ;
  3. Huang Dengshan, Yoichi Fujii.Binomial Optical Optical Filter with  Flat passband (原文为日文). 日本, <<信学技报>>,Vol.95,No.273,1995;
  4. Huang Dengshan, Yoichi Fujii.Improvement of M-Z Filter with Dee(EI检索)lap Loop(原文为日文), 日本电子情报通信学会年会,1995年4月,日本福冈;
  5. Huang Dengshan.The Improved Orthogonal Vector Spectral Estimation with Common Correlation Matrix. ACTA Electronica Sinica .Vol.21,No.4,1993.
  6. Huang Dengshan, Bao Zheng. New spectral estimation approaches in LPEF coefficient matrix space [J]. Journal of Electronics, 1988, 10(4):289~296


  1. Member, ShaanxiProvincial Association of Automation
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