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Gao Xiaoguang
2013-04-16 15:01   审核人:

General Information

Name:Gao Xiaoguang

Professional Title and Post:                    Professor and PhD Supervisor,

                   School of Electronics and Informatics,

                   Northwestern Polytechnical University,

                   Xi’an 710072, China

                   Subject Director for System Engineering

                   Deputy Head of Aviation Science

                   and Technology Key Laboratory of Avionic Systems.

                   Chinese Head of The Sino-Russian teaching and scientific research

                  centre for Effectiveness Evaluation of Avionic Systems

                   Head of Science and Technology Innovation Team

Subject: Systems Engineering

Phone(Fax) Number: 029-88431203



Research Interests

  1. Advanced control theory and its applications in complex systems
  2. Integrated aviation and aerospace electronics system and its warfare effectiveness evaluation 
  3. Airborne robotic control system and its effectiveness evaluation


  • PhD in Control, Guidance and Simulation of Vehicle, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China, December 1989.
  • MPhil in Aviation Electronics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China, April 1986.
  • Bachelor in Aviation Electronics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China, January 1982.
  • Visiting Scholar, Moscow Aviation Institute, 1994.2 – 1995.2 

Representational Treatises

  1. YANG You-long,GAO Xiao-guang, Evolutionary mechanism analysis of compact genetic algorithm, Control Theory& Application, 2003, 06
  2. GAO Xiao-guang,YANG You-long, Initial Path Planning Based-on Different Threats for Unmanned Com bat Air Vehicles, ACTA AER0NAUTICA ET ASTR0NAUTICA SINICA, 2003, 09
  3. GAO Xiao-guang, FU Xiao-wei, SONG Shao-mei, Trajectory Planning for Multiple Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicles, Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice, 2004.05.
  4. GAO Xiao-guang (chief editor), Introduction to Military Aircraft, Northwestern Polytechnical University Press, 2004.12
  5. Wang Minle, Gao Xiaoguang, Liu Guang bin, Large- scale optimization of air-to-ground weapon effectiveness based on multi-level genetic algorithm, Control and Decision, 2004.12
  6. SHI Jian-guo, GAO Xiao-guang, LI Xiang-min, Study on Pre-evolution Genetic Algorithm, Journal of Astronautics, 2005.2
  7. Shi Jianguo, Gao Xiaoguang, Li Xiangmin, Improving Identification Capability of UCAV(Unmanned Combating Air Vehicle), Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2006,01
  8. FU Xiao-wei, GAO Xiao-guang, UAV Path Planning Based on Bayesian Optimization Algorithm, Journal of Astronautics, 2006,03
  9. XIAO Qin-Kun, GAO Xiao-Guang, Optimization Technique Based on Evolutionary Algorithm and Dynamic Bayesian Network, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 2006,06
  10. GAO Xiao-guang, SHI Jian-guo, Structure varied discrete dynamic Bayesian network and its inference algorithm, Journal of Systems Engineering, 2007,01
  11. Gao Xiaoguang , Xiao Qinkun, Relation Networks of Dynamic Bayesian Structure Learning in Non-stationary Random System, ACTA AERONAU TICA ET ASTRONAU TICA SINICA,2007,11
  12. LI Bo, GAO Xiao-guang, Integrated Decision for Airborne Weapon Systems Based on Bayesian Networks, Journal of System Simulation, 2007,02
  13. X. Gao, Y. Zhang and D. Chen, 4D Flight Plan for Multiple UAVs, 22nd International UAV Systems Conference, Bristol Britain, 2007.04
  14. Tang Zheng, Gao Xiaoguang, Research on the self-defence electric jamming decision-making based on the discrete dynamic Bayesian network, Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, 2008, 08
  15. GUO Wen-qiang,GA0 Xiao-guang,XIAO Qin-kun, Multiple UAVs cooperative trajectory planning via dynamic sensing based on graphical model, Control and Decision, 2008,12 

Awards and Honor

  •  Special government allowances by Department of State of China
  •  Excellent Backbone Teacher Award of Chinese Universities by Education Ministry of China
  •  511 National Defence Talent
  •  Professional Moral Excellence Award by Shaanxi Government
  •  Advanced Female Worker Award by Shaanxi Education Union
  •  9 Ministerial or Provincial Science Research Achievement Awards


  • Vice-Chairman, Committee of Automatic Control, China Ordnance Society
  • Member, Committee of Aviation Weapons and Systems, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Member, Committee of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Society of Astronautics
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