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YU Haixun
2013-04-16 14:50   审核人:

General Information

Name:YU Haixun


Discipline:Circuit and System



Research Interests

1. Data Acquisition & Processing

2. Electronic Design Automation



BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1981

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1985


Selected Publications

1. Wang, Yin, & Yu, Hai-xun et, Design of Recorder for Flight Parameter Based on Platform of PC/104-XPE,   Journal of Astronautic Metrology and Measurement,  Num4, 2008.

2. Sun, Jianping, & Yu, Haixun, Design of the electronic current transformers' data acquisition system based on PIC16F676, Electronic Measurement Technology, Num3, 2007

3. Chen, Mengjie. & Yu, Haixun, Module design for 8B/10B code in fiber channel, Electronic Measurement Technology, Num5, 2007

4. LIAO,Jian, & Yu, Hai-xun,  CRC principle in USB and implementing with Verilog HDL.  Computer Engineering and Design, Num11, 2005


1. First-Class Prize for Teaching Achievement in Colleges and Universities, Issued by Shaaxi Provincial Administration, 1997

2. Second-Class Prize for Science Research Achievement, Issued by Shaaxi Provincial Education Commission, 1990

3. One of “Ten Most Satisfactory Teacher 1998”, Judged from Voting of Students in Northwestern Polytechnical University

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